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What is the common use of electrical equipment

Date:2017-5-24 09:39

Hotel commonly used electrical equipment has the following points:

1: Hotel room supplies: safe, iron, audio matching, TV turntable, guest room refrigerator, electric kettle, room phone, special color TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, large screen display, electric kettle

2: hotel cleaning supplies: window cleaning machine, polishing machine, drying machine, dredge machine

3: hotel furniture products: banquet furniture, dining room furniture, guest room furniture, furniture, furniture, sofa, dresser, hotel bed, hotel bar, furniture table

4: entertainment and leisure equipment: automatic mahjong machine, fitness equipment, recreational facilities, spa equipment

5: hotel intelligent products: bedside control panel, wireless dining, magnetic card door lock sound system, cash register system, hotel intelligent management system, electronic anti-theft system

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