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What is hotel equipment management?

Date:2017-5-24 09:38

Hotel facilities and facilities management system Content brief introduction: Equipment management is an important part of enterprise management, in order to maintain the safety and integrity of equipment, to play its operating performance, improve efficiency, manage, and maintain good equipment to ensure the smooth conduct of business activities , To improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, specially formulated the following system.

(1) Equipment management must be under the unified leadership of the hotel manager, in accordance with the fixed asset management approach, the equipment and facilities corresponding to the management, use, maintenance, maintenance functions and requirements of the full management, conscientiously implement the responsibility at all levels System and safety procedures, and implemented to the department, team and individuals, equipment management assessment indicators included in the use of department evaluation content, the results of the significant reward, the neglect of duty, resulting in equipment accidents to give criticism and serious treatment.

(2) Hotel facilities and facilities management of the main areas are: heating equipment, cooling equipment, power supply equipment, water, gas pipeline equipment, elevators, lifting equipment, kitchen equipment, maintenance machinery and equipment, monitoring equipment, fire equipment, office equipment, Weak equipment and hotel facilities, the management of these facilities, facilities, must use advanced scientific management methods for the use of management, operation management, maintenance management, and so the whole process of management.

(3) the establishment of hotel equipment management system network. Equipment management, the implementation of the national and local functional departments of the relevant principles, policies and regulations, the hotel's major equipment and facilities design, selection, purchase, installation, acceptance, training, use, operation, maintenance, renovation, Integrated management of the whole process.

(4) equipment and facilities maintenance is divided into routine maintenance, one or two maintenance, planned maintenance, planned overhaul. In accordance with the specific facilities and facilities under its jurisdiction, the competent department shall formulate the Annual Plan for Maintenance of Equipment and Facilities, the Annual Overhaul Plan for Equipment and Facilities, the Annual Maintenance Plan for Equipment and Facilities, and the Routine Maintenance Program for Equipment and Facilities. And in January each year on the three plans and projects for a revision and adjustment.

(4) maintenance personnel to continue to learn the various positions of the equipment business knowledge and expertise, so that "four understand three (four understand: understand the structure, understand the principle, understand the performance, understand the use of three will: Will be maintenance, will be troubleshooting.) Equipment facilities can be long-term, safe and stable operation, to extend the equipment life, and often in good working condition. Adhere to the "prevention" and "maintenance and planning maintenance combined" principle The

(6) to strengthen the equipment management and operation and maintenance personnel for multi-level, multi-channel professional and technical management knowledge and training work, and constantly improve business skills, and adhere to the training before passing the job. Adhere to the stove workers, elevator maintenance operators, boiler water treatment workers, electric (gas) welder, electrical and other special types of work certificates.

(7) strictly abide by the equipment purchase, out of the box acceptance system, equipment installation acceptance management system, equipment scrapping system, equipment operation shift system and other systems.

(8) must be in strict accordance with the "engineering equipment management" model requirements, equipment and facilities in the operation, maintenance, overhaul, maintenance, inspection of the full management process, do a variety of records and monthly and annual preservation.

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