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The practice of new business hotel

Date:2017-5-24 09:36

The so-called new business hotel, is the traditional sense of the star-rated star hotel more than 5000, the total number of rooms more than the total number of star hotel rooms more than 40%. These hotels are equipped with national star hotel standards, facilities are well equipped, large organization, high labor costs and energy consumption, the average room occupancy rate and the average price and hotel investment seriously imbalance, many hotels have been operating losses and in the The edge of the operating loss. Long-term business difficulties, many three-star hotel has been weak renovation, further weaken the market competitiveness, to find a new way out has become an urgent need for hotel investors and operators to solve the problem.

Further refinement of the Hotel Marketing also achieved a new business hotel ready to come out. With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the increasingly frequent business activities, a number of enterprises in the middle of the senior white-collar workers as the representative of the business needs of the guests there have been new changes. They are young Chinese middle-class representatives, well-educated, rational and fashionable thinking, the pursuit of decent way of life and efficient and convenient travel experience; they stay at the hotel not only for leisure, but also pay more attention to the convenience of business activities; They have a high spending power, have not satisfied with the services provided by the economy, but also limited to the company's travel costs control, it is difficult to choose high-star hotel. So a new type of high-star hotel and economy between the hotel, with good business functions of the business hotel to become their first choice for travel. This huge market potential and the difficulties of the three-star hotel, to create a new business hotel provides a rare opportunity. It may be years, a new business hotel quietly rising in the Chinese hotel market. The so-called new business hotel, is the traditional sense of the star hotel standards for revolutionary change, according to the international business hotel only to read, to the middle business guests as the main consumer groups, strengthen the hotel's business functions, take the three-star a new hotel between the four-star hotel standards. Jinjiang International Hotel Group based on such a new concept, successfully built the first new business hotel Shang Yue Youth Club Hotel. I have served as general manager of Jinjiang Youth Club Hotel, the whole process to participate in the planning and renovation of Yueyi Youth Hotel, this article combined with personal practice on a number of new business hotel to explore the issue.

New business hotel is the result of market selection After 30 years of reform and opening up the development of China's hotel market brilliant. From the platinum five-star to one-star hotels, budget hotels, resort hotels, apartment hotels, everything, including star hotels have more than 14,000, the number of brand-name hotels to the end of 2009 is also close to 4000. In the star hotel, 4,5-star high-star hotel management, most of the international hotel management group monopoly, the influence of the international hotel brand and the advantages of facilities and equipment to make these hotels operating efficiency in the domestic hotel The market is in a leading position, which led all over the country wave after wave of high-star hotel building boom. The economy hotel because of its market positioning is correct, the product cost-effective, low investment, low operating costs, has become the new darling of the domestic hotel market, not only by domestic and foreign tourists and general business customers respected and recognized, and by many investors By the best.

In the fast-growing Chinese hotel market, we are not difficult to find, in the 4,5-star hotels and budget hotels under the double squeeze, the following three-star hotel struggling, operating difficulties, low efficiency, especially in Samsung Class hotel. According to statistics, by the end of 2007, the three national business forum to say that the rise of new business hotel is the result of market choice on the logical.

New business hotel product positioning and characteristics In a broad sense, whenever the reception of business guests mainly hotel can be called a business hotel or business hotel. This article refers to the new business hotel refers to the national standard between the three-star and four-star, the company's middle-level white-collar class as the main source of the hotel, its market orientation is very clear. According to the new business hotel market positioning and the needs of middle-level business guests to determine its products is particularly important. This product selection on the one hand can reduce the hotel investment, on the other hand can fully meet the needs of middle-level business guests, for them to really create a "home away from home." And the current launch of the new business hotels are mostly in the three-star hotel on the basis of product restructuring and transformation made. Jinjiang Hotel's Shangyue brand business hotel product positioning highlights the "four B, namely Breakfast, Bed, Bathroom, Bussness, from the product design concept to achieve the" two Strengthen the ": First, strengthen the hotel's business facilities and its functions New business hotel must strengthen the business functions, improve business facilities, as much as possible to meet the middle-level business guests in the hotel to carry out business needs, provide a variety of business activities convenient services. In addition to strengthening the business center functions, equipped with high-quality business center staff and modern facilities and equipment, pay more attention to provide a full range of business activities convenient service atmosphere.If the business center equipment to Qi, guests can carry out self-business activities in the business center; There is a small business meeting room on the hotel and equipped with the relevant equipment. The hotel has designed a set of intelligent service as a platform, set TV, Internet, VOD, bill query, Express Checkout, a la carte restaurant as well as online shopping as one of the LCD digital TV Wireless keyboard function which greatly facilitates business guests in the hotel business.

Second, to strengthen the comfort of service products Business guests travel, business activities frequently, work is often more difficult, so the hotel to sleep, rest requirements are relatively high. Taking into account the special needs of business guests, the new business hotel in the service product comfort efforts, the most important of which is mattresses and bedding, bathing facilities and breakfast services as much as possible to think about their requirements. Mattresses and bedding, including needle cotton, pillow according to high standard, even according to the five-star hotel standard configuration; bath equipment in addition to high standard bathtub, the spray facilities to create comfortable and pleasant to ease the day's fatigue ; Good breakfast, Chinese and Western, colorful, so that business guests eat, eat comfortable to ensure that the day has enough energy.

The comfort of the service product should also include the new business hotel in the absence of business guests do not need the premise of the service facilities in public places to create a beautiful and elegant but not luxurious atmosphere, as much as possible to meet the middle class business guests spiritual and cultural needs, so that they enter New business hotel without exception, refined and distinguished identity.

The success of a new business hotel A new business hotel can be successful, in addition to the correct market positioning and personalized service products, I think also depends on the following factors: First, a good location. New business hotel location to have the superiority, in general, the traffic must be convenient, traffic inconvenience is a waste of time, business guests is difficult to choose. The hotel is close to the business center, surrounded by a business-intensive area in order to facilitate participation in a variety of business activities and meetings, access to some potential business partners. At the same time, the hotel surrounding the characteristics of restaurants and leisure venues should also be considered in order to facilitate business guests dinner and business activities, leisure activities. Second, a reasonable price positioning. Middle business guests have a good spending power, but in view of the company travel costs restrictions, they choose a new business hotel depends largely on the hotel price positioning. For smart middle-class business guests, they consider more cost-effective, if the new business hotel price positioning is not correct, unreasonable, or house prices close to the star hotel, they will not choose.

Third, efficient operation mechanism. In addition to the market positioning, service products personalized advantages, due to eliminate the business guests do not need the service facilities, can establish a set of efficient operation mechanism. Hotels can reduce the management level, reduce the management, the organization can be more streamlined. According to the management needs, the hotel can only set up the Department of Operations and the Department of the two departments, the front desk guests in the reception, check-in, checkout, telephone switchboard, the main room can be borne by the total desk, catering service chefs Can also be more than a post. The new business model of the new business hotel can not only greatly improve the efficiency, completely out of the three-star hotel organization is huge, the management level is complex, people floating in the shortcomings, and can greatly reduce the number of workers, reduce labor costs, improve market competitiveness and Profitability.

Fourth, high-quality workforce. Efficient operation mechanism must have a high quality staff to bear. The new business hotel must train a team of business teams that are responsive to the efficient operation of business hotels and a dedicated service team for business guests. First of all, the need to change the concept of a serious study of the needs of business guests and psychological characteristics, to achieve management and service transformation; secondly in accordance with a multi-purpose, a post more able to fully enhance the overall quality of the staff.

Five is the mature hotel brand. The hotel industry has entered the brand era, a mature brand is half the success of the hotel. In today's Chinese hotel market oversupply of the background, the mature hotel brand means that the market share. The success of the new business hotel, the key lies in the hotel brand to build. New business hotel as a Chinese hotel industry in a rookie, need to build up on the brand, and the hotel group has the advantage, will create a new business hotel brand to provide more convenient conditions, the new business hotel will eventually go On the chain of business.

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