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Economy chain hotel central hot water solution

Date:2017-5-24 09:34

(AO Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd., Nanjing 210038) The hotel is located in the heart of the city's business district. The hotel is located in the heart of the city center, Application advantages, and to explain its ability to enhance the hotel's own competitiveness and reduce operating costs and other aspects of the significance.

Low prices, service standards, the environment comfortable, excellent hardware, cost-effective 1996 China's first economic hotel opened so far, the domestic economy hotel has been adhering to the above characteristics; speed development. Since 2003 AO Smith hot water supply system in the use of the Thai since, has been in such as home, Motel, Jinjiang Star, 7 days, Han Ting, Super 8, GreenTree Inn and other economic chain hotel has been widely used and recognized The Hot water direct supply program to meet the hotel under the premise of sufficient hot water demand, but also the hotel operating costs control at a low level.

The following is the A.O. Smith hot water supply system in the home of the hotel application case introduction.

1 hot water direct supply system in the application of the economy hotel 1.1 Hotel Overview Home Shijiazhuang North China Street store, a total of 122 rooms, 198 beds. Energy: natural gas; hot water temperature: 60t; cold water calculation temperature: 4t.1.2 heat load calculation According to the national standard building water supply and drainage design specifications (GB50015-2003, 2009 edition): 5.1.1 hot water quota, Bed daily maximum daily water quota of 120160L, here selected 120L, hot water temperature 60t; hotel hot water hour change coefficient Kh is 3.3; full day supply of hot water residential, villas, guest houses, training centers, guest rooms Including the staff) and other buildings of the centralized hot water supply system design hours of heat consumption should be calculated as follows: cold water temperature, tf4t; Kh hours change coefficient; T daily use time, T = 24h. According to the above criteria (per bed per The daily consumption of water to take 120L, 60t) calculation, the hourly heat consumption: 1.3 selection calculation According to the hotel's actual hot water demand and equipment room construction requirements, recommend the use of AO Smith gas volumetric water heater BTR-338 series to provide hotel hot water . The product rated input power of 99kW, thermal efficiency of 88%. The hotel hot water system to be equipped with the number of hot water furnaces: 213 1.4 System Features The hotel has a total of 4 layers, located in the roof of the equipment The area is only 15m2 and the floor load is limited, the equipment room next door for the staff quarters. Harsh installation conditions happens to highlight the AO Smith hot water supply system advantages: 3 3600xTQh design hours heat consumption, W; m water calculation unit, the number Or the number of beds; 3 sets of BTR-338 hot water direct supply system to indicate Qr hot water quota, L / water drainage dynamic exchange and discussion bookmark3 BTR-388 composed of hot water supply system, see no need to configure hot water tank, Structural reinforcement, 15m2 equipment room area more than enough; commercial volumetric gas water heater BTR series does not belong to the boiler category, no explosion-proof requirements, no pot inspection, and equipment operating noise is less than 40dB, near the staff quarters did not interfere, see.

Equipment site 2 hot water supply system in the application of the advantages of the economy 2.1 modular combination of more energy-efficient hot water boiler with hot water tank system, AO Smith BTR series of hot water supply system energy saving effect is obvious, see, : According to the number of hotel rooms, hot water equipment can be installed in parallel, without the need to configure the hot water tank, so to avoid hot water tank and other equipment cooling system; equipment can be more than parallel water supply, modular combination, According to seasonal changes and room occupancy rate, the exact match the actual demand for heat load, thus saving operating costs.

The traditional boiler hot water system water supply instructions AO Smith hot water supply system water supply 2.2 can meet the more stringent installation conditions, small area of ​​small hotel hot water system is generally provided by the boiler, and the installation of the boiler need to bear the foundation; boiler area Large, so the equipment room area requires a larger; on the ventilation and other requirements of higher smoke.

Most of the property selected by the economy hotel can not meet all the above conditions, so AO Smith BTR direct supply system highlights the advantages: light weight, each running weight of about 600kg, no special reinforcement; installation conditions are relaxed, can be installed in the building Top, can also be installed in the floor of the limited space; a variety of ways to smoke, you can choose outdoor natural smoke or fan stealth smoke can be installed in the environment is not allowed to establish a chimney.

2.3 non-boiler category, no need to check, installation and operation and maintenance of simple hot water system if the selection of the boiler means the need to accept the boiler and fire inspection, and the boiler room around the space is not allowed for the room or staff activities such as areas of personnel intensive places The And A.O. Smith water supply system does not need to consider these.

Volume <500L, does not belong to the boiler category, do not accept the pot test, and the operation of low noise, the surrounding space can be directly as a room or as an employee activity area; the hot water supply system without hot water tank, heat exchanger and other accessories, Water heater installed in parallel can be directly connected to the room hot water mains, the system is simple to install, low failure rate; water heater start and stop for automatic control, open and close the water heater only need to press the button, daily maintenance only need to Regular sewage can be, the operator of the lower requirements.

2.4 The use of low-pressure gas economy hotels often located in the business district and residential areas, these areas of gas in the air more rigorous scrutiny, opening fee higher, which will lead to conventional boiler installation cycle extension, the cost increase. A. O. Smith commercial volumetric water heater gas pressure of about 2 000Pa, and civil gas range the same, can make the gas application cycle shortened, the initial installation fee reduced.

3 Conclusion AO Smith hot water supply system compared to the traditional boiler hot water system, eliminating the need for heat exchange equipment and hot water tanks and other accessories, and provides a modular use mode, the output heat load fit the hotel's actual heat load, so after Hotel customer sampling survey: the same conditions, the hot water supply system than the boiler hot water system, about 23% energy saving; AO Smith hot water supply system covers an area of ​​small, can be installed in space constraints and Smoke outside the area; non-boiler category, no explosion and fire and other worries, running noise <40dB, equipment room around the room and staff can be set up activities area, can help hotel owners to reduce the initial investment; AO Smith hot water supply system Installation and maintenance is simple, lower operating costs.

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