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Energy efficient hotel kitchen equipment

Date:2017-5-24 09:34

The 8th Yimeng Creative Culture Festival takes the theme of "Creative Innovation, Sharing and Win-Win", and organizes a series of exciting activities such as new product exhibition of science and technology, tea carving - creative finance.

The Yimeng Creative Culture Festival show the efficient and innovative energy-saving hotel kitchen equipment supplies, the introduction of German technology, access to national technology invention patents, compared with similar products, energy saving up to 60-80%! And kitchen configuration products as part of the hotel's high consumption, In the operation process directly affect the cost and profit, so this series of highly efficient energy-saving hotel kitchen equipment as the basis, to create a complete series of professional standards for a series of kitchen configuration, and further make the kitchen universal, standardized, specialized, and thus can Give full play to this series of energy-saving equipment, the largest energy-saving effect.


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