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Nanjing Huayi hotel equipment company is one of the Nanjing area the biggest and strongest kitchen utensils company at present, the company is located in the downtown area of Xinjiekou, adjacent to Nanjing Kingsley Sheraton Le Grand Large Hotel, the company production base is located in Nanjing Chengdong Development Zone, convenient transportation; has standard workshop three, area 4000 square meters, and in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Dalian, Xi'an, Beijing, Shandong and other large cities are respectively provided with foreign offices.

Company brings together the elite community kitchen, with undergraduate and college professional and technical personnel a total of fifteen, at the same time also hired Hotel authoritative professionals as the company of professional consultants, composed of a set of the current in the domestic kitchen equipment industry's most comprehensive, strong technical force most of the professional team, Division of the implementation of the company's production, manufacturing, new product development, construction, project planning, design work, in the manufacture of products, the company always adhere to the Seiko secret agents, the principle of excellence, and strive to make product appearance, durable, complete functions; in the design, the company is equipped with more than one computer and drawing equipment, by professional personnel the use of AUTOCAD mapping system, and strive to make each layout of scientific and accurate.